Diagnostic Survey Division
Site based diagnostic testing

  • Depth of Carbonation
  • Chloride/Sulphate Profiles
  • Cover meter survey
  • Defect Quantification
  • Remedial Strategies
  • Specifications
  • Budgets
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Diagnostic Investigation and repair techniques

Motivation for Concrete Repairs

Why Repair a Structure?

  • Make it Safe
  • Restore Structural Integrity
  • Extend the Service Life
  • Change of Use
  • Improve the Appearance

How do you fix it ?

Three Phases:

  • Phase 1 – Diagnostic Survey
  • Phase 2 – Formulate a remedial
    strategy utilising appropriate repair techniques
  • Phase 3 - Implementation

Get it right first time…

  • Diagnostic survey
    • You can not prescribe the medicine
      if you do not know what is making you sick!

Incorrect repair methods can
accelerate corrosion!

  • Find:
    • The cause
    • The severity
    • The extent
    • The likely cost

Diagnostic Survey

  • With the information gleaned from the diagnostic survey, the client can then:
    • Fully understand the severity and scale of the problem
    • Prescribe the appropriate repair strategy
    • Accurately budget for the works


Diagnostic Instruments

Cover-Meter Schmidt-Hammer Crack-Measurement
Cover Meter
Schmidt Hammer
Crack Measurement
Ultra-Sound 4-Point-Wenner Ultra-sound-testing
Ultra Sound - detects the presence of voids
and cracks
4 Point Wenner Probe Measures resistivity.
Used to interpret rate of corrosion
Ultra sound testing equipment